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Our Story

In 2017, Craig Goldenfarb’s law firm knew it was time for a legal case management system upgrade. His Marketing Director, Tom Copeland, being a software whiz at heart, was tasked with researching options. The answer quickly became clear in Filevine®, with its robust reporting capabilities, intuitive and flexible admin and design tools, and a capable API for automation and integrations. Over the next three years, Tom and Craig built one of the most sophisticated installations anyone has ever seen.


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Main Office - (561) 295-1878

16 Wyckoff Mills Road Unit 61, Adelphia, NJ 07710

In 2020, as the firm staff went remote in response to Covid-19, Tom noticed that no one had yet to solve the “client portal” issue – that is, the ability to give law firm clients simple access to what’s happening in their case without the need for staff to log into yet another app, creating barriers to adoption and usage. He developed the beginnings of VineConnect® Client Portal, a truly integrated and automated standalone software, and in 2021, it became obvious that this tool could help thousands of other Filevine® users, and tens of thousands of clients.

At the same time, being closely connected to the Filevine user communities, Craig and Tom noticed that firms across the nation were struggling to onboard with Filevine®. Not only that, but firms that were on Filevine® and otherwise happy with the product nonetheless longed to do more with Filevine’s API.

What makes Filevine® so powerful as a case management software is not wholly intuitive or simple for most law firms. Tom and Craig realized someone should develop scalable templates and processes for getting firms up and running on Filevine® faster, and scalable teams that can build custom integrations a la carte for firms who long to get more out of their Filevine® environments.

With that, Vinetegrate™ was born.

Our Vinetegrate™ software development service offers Filevine® users the opportunity to access a highly functional Filevine® experience. Vinetegrate™ develops, installs, and customizes our adaptive and proprietary Filevine® templates to enable seamless, turn-key web-based software applications for law practice and operational management.

Meet The Founders

Tom Copeland, Founder-CEO

Tom Copeland

Tom is a software and front-end web developer, marketer, and visionary behind Vinetegrate. With more than fifteen years working in front end design, Vinetegrate is a predictable outlet for his creative drive and gift for building products & services that deliver value.

Tom runs the team that drives the work that makes Vinetegrate the easy choice for firms who are looking to maximize Filevine – from improving VineConnect’s core features to architecting new templates for firms of any size and any practice area.

Craig Goldenfarb, Founder

Craig Goldenfarb, Esq.

Craig is a partner and founder at Vinetegrate, and the Founder and CEO of the Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb, P.A. in West Palm Beach, Florida, one of the region’s largest personal injury firms for 20 years. The firm employs nearly 70 staff including 11 lawyers.

Craig credits the core software Filevine offers coupled with the work he and Tom have done together since 2018 to make his firm’s Filevine environment one of the most efficient and comprehensive environments Filevine has seen any firm in the nation accomplish.

Meet The Experts

Managed Services

Nicole “Nikki” Alder – Director of MS

Suite Implementations

Jayson Johnson – Suite Imps. Manager
Jyme Thomas – Sr. Project Manager
Ashley Ballesteros – Sr. Project Manager
Cade Liston – Sr. Project Manager
Daniel Munoz – Sr. Project Manager
Katie Gole – Enterprise Project Manager
Spencer Whitmore – Enterprise Trainer
Lisa Glass – Trainer
Caleb Scoville – Trainer
Andy Ladd – Project Manager
Buffy Hartung – Project Manager
Denise Ogburn – Project Manager
Ruben Hernandez – Project Manager

Managed Services Plans (MSP)

Jen Clement – MSP Manager
Andrew Oliverson – Sr. Project Manager
Carrie Gordon, F.R.P. – Project Manager
Justin Busch – Project Manager
Stacey Waner – Project Manager

Data Ops & Migrations

Bryan Monroe – Dir. of Data Ops

Suite Implementations

Jack Setzer – Data Engineer
Cade Hill – Data Engineer
Lourdes DeLeon – Data Engineer
McKalee Hoefferle – Data Engineer

VineMigrator Ops

Joshua Sapp – Jr. Data Engineer
Connor Lambert – Jr. Data Engineer
Noah Burton – Jr. Data Engineer


Tom Copeland – CEO
Kate Faust – Executive Administrator

Solutions & Products

Solutions Team

Brendon Nielson – Dir. of Solutions
Skyler Butler – Account Executive
Olivia Stephens – Solutions Specialist

Products Team

Brandon Ponzo – Dir. of Products
Sr. Products Manager – Shane Mann
Products Manager – Bridget Duque
Products Manager – Marcus Cook
Justin Kendall – Sr Products Developer
Darrin Gambino – Products Developer
Justin Beauchesne – Jr Products Manager

Filevine Products

Lead Docket – Shane Mann, Justin Busch
Periscope 2.0 – Cade Hill, McKalee Hoefferle
Filevine Doc Assembly – Shane Mann

Put Your Filevine Knowledge to Work

We live, breathe, eat, and sleep Filevine®, and we love meeting new, talented people who do the same. Connect with our staff on LinkedIn or tell us about yourself and submit your resume to our HR Team using VineConnect® via the button below, and we’ll reach out if we think you’re a great fit. Once submitted, you can log into VineConnect® to view the status of your submission!

This wonderful company has given me the opportunity to work with a system that I love, but more importantly a workplace I can finally call home. All I’ve ever wanted from my employer is an opportunity to complete work that matters and can make lives better.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be part of such an amazing team. I consider myself very fortunate to be part of something so awesome! We are doing things that others can’t and I love it!

Vinetegrate is by far the best company that I have worked for. Tom is fantastic at rolling with unexpected problems and making them work in his favor, and that is a phenomenal skill!

This company has truly changed me for the better. Thank you for the giving me the chance to prove my worth, and allow me to grow with the company. I can’t begin to tell you how much that means to me.

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Filevine Certified PartnerCertified, Proven, and Trusted by Filevine.

Vinetegrate is a Certified Implementations, Data Migration, and Products Partner. That means we’ve demonstrated the training and experience necessary to deliver a quality of products and services for clients operating within the Filevine ecosystem.