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VineCalc™ – Filevine Interest Calculator

VineCalc™ is a simply web application that connects directly to your Filevine instance and automatically calculates simple or compound interest on incurred case costs, expenses, or payment advancements. The app is designed to be self-implemented and self-managed. Features include:

  • Calculate a fixed rate interest against any currency field in any Collections Section. VineCalc runs against all individual Collection Section Items in all “Active” Projects
  • Filter Collection Section items for exclusion from interest calculation by keyword in the item, by Project Phase, or by empty fields when applicable
  • Set-it-and-forget-it simple or compound interest calculation with defined calculation periods (weekly, monthly, on a day, etc.)
  • Total interest in a separate defined field in the Collection Item for easy tracking and reporting
  • Historic job logs for success and error handling and reporting in a simple user interface
  • Secure admin backend authenticated by strong username/password combos and IP address whitelisting
  • Data is protected by best-in-class AWS EC2 security

VineCalc Implementation

Implementation is simple and designed to be self-managed. Expect the process to take about an hour or less. You may be required to add a field or two to your Collection Section targeted for interest calculation. You may want to do some testing first in a separate Project Type Template, and set up some Filevine Reports to track tests. Support is offered via a web chat within the admin backend and we offer detailed support articles to guide your implementation.

VineCalc Pricing & Support

  • PROJECT COUNT: VineCalc pricing is based on the number of Filevine Projects in your Org. As you check out now, you’ll approximate how many projects you have. We will verify during our product orientation.
  • PRODUCT SUPPORT: Our Products Team is available to help you configure your settings and assist you in monitoring the application for quality control. We offer a Support Center accessible from the Admin side of the application for quick and easy answers, as well as a live chat support tool!

Vinetegrate™ offers products and services for firms operating on Filevine. Primary products include Vinetegrate Full Suite™ implementations solution; VineConnect™ Client Portal; and various apps available on Marketplace.

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