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Vinetegrate Full Suite™ for Filevine

Stop the “guesswork” in your Filevine build. With Vinetegrate Full Suite™, we launch you on Filevine faster.

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VineConnect™ Client Portal

truly integrated Client Portal and automations tool exclusively for Filevine. Automate everything.

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Data Migrations

Offering custom data migrations solutions and VineMigrator™, a data import tool for Filevine users.

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Looking for help with Filevine? Visit our Marketplace to purchase ad-hoc services and integrations.

Managed Services Plans

Get dedicated expert support for Filevine and related products for your firm.
Plans start at only $1,000/month

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Free videos and resources for improving and upgrading your Filevine build!

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Managed Services Plans

Vinetegrate’s Managed Services Plans (MSP) offers an affordable, simple solution for Filevine Firms to completely outsource the administration and management of their Filevine Org and related products including Lead Docket, Periscope, Outlaw, and Project AI! Plans are billed monthly with a minimum commitment of three (3) months with a “cancel anytime” clause following this initial commitment.

How We Deliver Value Under MSP

  • STANDING CONSULTATIONS: We’ll be meeting at minimum once a month for a standing consultation meeting to review/audit your firm’s use of Filevine, as well as helping resolve any outstanding issues, questions, concerns, or work requests from your stakeholders. This is the consultative portion of the plan.
  • WORK REQUESTS: Work Requests are create by you and your firm for work to be performed and delivered by our expert MSP Project Managers. Valid Work Requests include:
    • Filevine Project Template changes, edits, customizations
    • Merge document template creation, edit, audit or fixes, both native in Filevine and Outlaw/FVDA
    • Task flow creation, cleanup, or management
    • Individual or Group Training Sessions: Basics, Advanced, and Refresher training session led by our expert dedicated Training Team
    • Reporting assistant, including creating, auditing, or managing Filevine Reports and features
    • Mass data management using Filevine internal tooling and our own tooling, including VineMigrator
    • Any kind of customization requested in Lead Docket
    • Any kind of customization requested in Periscope
  • ACCESS TO OUR TRAINING LIBRARY AND MATERIALS: All MSPs gain access to our training library and materials available on Marketplace at no additional cost!
  • LIVE FILEVINE PHONE SUPPORT (NEW!): We now offer Live Filevine Phone Support! We’re bringing back the 1990’s in style with a dedicated line for any customer or employee of an active MSP to contact us on the fly for managed service support and help.

Requests for work product are made using a queuing system we provide your firm access to. If there are no requests for the month, we offer a suggested maintenance schedule we will follow to admin, audit, report, and consult on your system for improvement and efficiencies, as well as additional training for the staff.

Choose Your MSP Level

  • On-Demand: $1,250/month (5hrs)
  • Dedicated: $3,000/month (12hrs)
  • Full Time: $5,000/month (20hrs)

Your first payment will drawn today. By checking out, you agree to our Managed Services Plan Service Level Agreement.

Managed Services Plans

On-Demand ($1,250), Dedicated ($3,000), Full-Time ($5,000)


Vinetegrate™ offers products and services for firms operating on Filevine. Primary products include Vinetegrate Full Suite™ implementations solution; VineConnect™ Client Portal; and various apps available on Marketplace.

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All of our products are offered on a self-service model. Simply register using our quick, convenient signup forms. Request a demo anytime from our Solutions Team.


Our applications follow different billing models based on the product usage. All billing is configured and occurs monthly from within the app. Start today for free and cancel anytime.



Build automations with VineConnect®, import data to Filevine with VineMigrator, and configure automatic interest calculations with VineCalc. Support always included!