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Vinetegrate Full Suite™ for Filevine

Stop the “guesswork” in your Filevine build. With Vinetegrate Full Suite™, we launch you on Filevine faster.

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VineConnect™ Client Portal

truly integrated Client Portal and automations tool exclusively for Filevine. Automate everything.

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Data Migrations

Offering custom data migrations solutions and VineMigrator™, a data import tool for Filevine users.

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Looking for help with Filevine? Visit our Marketplace to purchase ad-hoc services and integrations.

Managed Services Plans

Get dedicated expert support for Filevine and related products for your firm.
Plans start at only $1,000/month

Everyday Vine

Free videos and resources for improving and upgrading your Filevine build!



 A Proven Product & Process To Get Your Firm Live on Filevine Faster.

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Project Type Templates

The core of Filevine’s functionality and Vinetegrate Full Suite™ begins with the Project Type Template, and for most firms, this is the most significant hurdle in bringing your staff and legal process live on Filevine. If “DIY” builds or relying on generic templates provided for free isn’t working, you’re in the right place.

Templates for any area of law/jurisdiction

Logical, efficient, comprehensive workflows

Get on Filevine in as little as ten weeks

Merge Docs

One of Filevine’s most powerful tools is the ability to customize merge documents and Report Fusions that organize, format, and export valuable case data to streamline repetitive activities such as letters of rep, demand letters, and even settlement statements. Vinetegrate Full Suite™ Merge Doc Library works seamlessly with our Project Type Templates taking the guess work out of what you need to be build.

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Over 40 Merge Docs for case management

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Branded, labeled, and styled for your law firm

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Included in the Vinetegrate Full Suite integration package

Taskflows & Chains

Our comprehensive Taskflows & Deadline Chain maps empower your legal staff with the confidence to know what needs to get done and when, driving cases towards resolution faster. We’ve perfected the art of creating, scheduling, and integrating tasks within Vinetegrate Full Suite™, so you don’t have to.

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60+ Taskflows built into your template

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Maps and training materials for reference

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Included in the Vinetegrate Full Suite integration package


Moving your data from your on-site server and decade’s old case management program to Filevine is a long and difficult process without Vinetegrate Full Suite™. That’s because we enjoy the efficiencies that come with migrating data to the same Filevine template. Whether you’re coming from Aderant, Needles, Time Matters, TrialWorks, or just about any other system, we handle it all expertly in house with the best data engineers hired directly from Filevine.

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Google Drive Tutorials & Training Folder with documents

Training & Support

We don’t simply install Vinetegrate Full Suite™ and then leave you hanging – our services includes a dedicated block of hours reserved for Basics and Advanced staff training on your new Filevine system – and our trainers are directly from Filevine! These thorough training sessions are focused on how to use our Templates and tools properly.

Focused training that suits your needs

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Designed for adoption and buy-in with staff

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Included in the Vinetegrate Full Suite integration package

Filevine Certified PartnerCertified, Proven, and Trusted by Filevine.

Vinetegrate is a Certified Implementations Partner with Filevine. That means we’ve demonstrated the training, experience, and skills necessary to build and deliver a quality of products and services for clients operating within the Filevine ecosystem. 

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