Suite Implementations Pricing Guide

Do you customize Filevine for us?
We allow for some customizations, but it’s limited. We’ve done this long enough and for enough firms to know that deep customization before go live is, in our very experienced opinion, a mistake.

Do you offer custom packages?
No. Our Suite Implementations solutions are designed to get you live on Filevine.

How do I purchase Suite Implementations?
Ask your Filevine rep to refer you to Vinetegrate, or, reach out to us any number of ways from our website by emailing or call (561) 295-1878.

What are your payments terms?
All Suite Implementations are paid in full prior to work commencement. That is to protect our hours and incentivize you to get live as soon as possible.

Boy, you guys aren’t very flexible.
That’s true – but for good reason. As of early 2024, our Suite Implementations has launched cumulatively over 250 firms ranging in size from solo to more than six hundred employees. That experience has allowed us to differentiate between what helps and what hurts firms in their adoption of Filevine. When you opt for a Suite Implementation with Vinetegrate, you do so because you trust that getting live on Filevine as quickly as possible is more important than getting the system perfectly and fully customized before you actually start using the system. (Spoiler alert: this is the way.)