MS Plan Screenshot - Team

Do you sell hours outside of your designated plans?
We do not deviate from our plans. Sticking to the hours allotted in our MSP offerings allows us to coordinate our staff and internal resources, anticipate future demand, and more efficiently serve our current clients.

Is there anything that’s not covered under an MSP?
We do not support automations via Workato (“Filevine Automations”) or Zapier or any other third-party API-enabled application or platform. We do not support any custom API work either to Filevine or Lead Docket. We also do not implement new products under our MSP.

Do you cover Lead Docket and Periscope work?
Yes! For customers with existing Lead Docket or Periscope integrations, we support the further customization, build, or training on those products. We do not implement new installations on MSP, however.

What other platforms do you support?
FVDA (Filevine Doc Assembly), Outlaw, Docs+, Fields AI, Blocks AI, Immigration AI, and Vinesign are our primary supported Filevine add-ons. We do not support Demands AI at this time.

What are the terms?
MSP is offered on subscription-based billing and service delivery. We ask for a minimum 3-month commitment with a “cancel anytime” clause thereafter. Following the initial commitment, you may upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime. You need not have been implemented on Filevine by Vinetegrate to start an MSP.